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AMS 14C Dating Centre

AMS 14C Dating Centre
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Aarhus
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Phone: +45 89 42 37 48
Fax: +45 86 12 07 40


The Aarhus AMS 14C Dating Centre

The AMS 14C Dating Centre performs 14C datings and stable-isotope measurements on geological, archaeological, forensic, water and atmospheric samples.

Research samples funded by the Danish Natural Science Research Council (FNU) or the Carlsberg Foundation (both contributors to the Dating Centre) are dated at a rate of 2000 DKK + VAT per sample. For other research samples, the price is 3000 DKK + VAT (approx. 400 Euro) per sample. The price includes as standard high precision 14C analysis (typical 14C age uncertainty ± 30-35 years for recent samples), high-precision 13C isotopic analysis by off-line mass spectrometry, ultrafiltration of collagen (bone samples), calibration plots and subsequent support. Standard sample size is 1 mg C after pre-treatment, but samples down to about 0.2 mg C are dated routinely (less precision, but no additional cost). Usual turnaround times are of the order of 3 months, but due to high demand this is now up to about 4-5 months, but expected to decrease again due to our investments in enhanced capacity. Depending on capacity, express samples (4-6 weeks) are accepted at an additional cost of 1500 DKK - please inquire.

New submission forms (30/8 2007). Please use our new electronic submission form which is available in DANISH and in ENGLISH.

  • New book by Torkild Andersen about the history of 14C dating in Denmark: Datering af Fortiden.
  • Science publication: Dating the Minoan eruption (28/4 2006). Cover story. More.

Dr. Jan Heinemeier

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